Ed was raised in the Desoto and Albany areas of Indiana, and he has spent the entirety of his life as a Delaware County resident exemplifying the strong characters of a productive and caring member of society. He worked his way through school by pumping gas, bailing hay, working on the railroads, doing home construction and loading semis. Upon obtaining his high school diploma at Delta High School, he went on to pursue a higher education at ITT Technical Institute. Ed’s post-secondary education earned him two Engineering Degrees, which have played a large role in his professional success.

With the educational experience and hard work, Ed then began his career with Wavetek, a large manufacturer, allowing him the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the cable television industry. After working for Wavetek, he moved on with his dreams and desires to develop and build his own business known as Spectrum Cable—designing, building and delivering cable television services throughout the rural areas of Delaware County (i.e.-Desoto, Cowan and Oakville). Since Ed began Spectrum Cable, he has remained self-employed. Owning, operating and maintained several community-based companies over the years, of which these businesses have provided over 100 employment opportunities to citizens in the local area.

Once Ed began his career, he met and married Trish where they currently reside in Daleville, IN and have raised their two children. Ed’s wife, Trish served as Daleville High School’s head Cheerleading coach for two consecutive years leading the Broncos to a State Runner-Up title. She has also served as a substitute teacher with various schools in the area. She highly enjoys giving her time to the county’s youth education and extra-curricular activities. Ed’s oldest child, his son Nathaniel, graduated from Daleville High School and a previous member of the Delaware County PRIDE team. A graduate of Indiana University Kokomo, Nathaniel currently holds a position as a Sales Representative with Judd Construction. His youngest, Danielle, graduated from Yorktown High School and is currently pursuing a degree at Indiana State. Both children play a vital and important role in their local communities.

While maintaining his successful business career as a self-employed entrepreneur and attending his children’s extra-curricular events, Ed has made time to hold several positions within his community.  Specifically, he served on the Athletic Advisory Board of Purdue University North Central, Founding Board of Directors Member Wavetek Credit Union, Council Leader – Member of NRA, Indiana Farm Bureau member, Member of Manufacturer Representative Council, Board of Director and Vice President of the Central Indiana Chapter SCTE “Society of Cable Television Engineers”, and Board of Director and Vice President of the Delaware County Redevelopment Commission.

Over the years, Ed has successfully built his company to help serve his community with employment opportunities, cable and technology services that were not available previously. As a devoted husband, Ed has also played a large part in raising two bright and productive up and coming members of society.

These actions from Ed’s past are examples of how he is a proven leader in the business community, demonstrating family values and involvement in the community.

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